Handstands, pistol squats and dynamic kettlebell movements all wrapped into one workshop while applying the techniques to the outdoor lifestyle you love.

Over 5 weeks we'll explore the three pillars of FlowState in depth: Physical, Mindful and Skill.

As a group we'll work on the fundamental kettlebell lifts including

single-leg deadlift, lunge pressing, staggered rows, swings and other variations.

We'll also train trickier movements that challenge your skills. These include hand-balancing, rings and other bodyweight movements.

Lastly, we'll explore breath and mindset and how they effect the body.

When all these pieces are tied together, we create a greater ability to achieve the state of Flow.

There are no prerequisites for this immersion.

That said, I recommend attended a FlowState class if you haven't already.

Class schedule can be found here.

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PLEASE NOTE - 5pm has filled.

You are registering for the 3:30pm workshop. Much love!

Note on Covid-19

5 Week Immersion will practice social distancing and take all precautions our regular public classes are taking. 

It will not effect the quality of the experience. - JW

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