There's no better way to train than with your team, co-workers or friends.

Whether your a corporate group looking to do yoga during your lunch hour, or your a team of athletes looking to increase functional strength or range of motion, I've got you covered. With private group coaching I lean into my very own FlowState method. FlowState is a foundational training method for the outdoor athlete. As a group we'll train the physical, explore the mindful and practice the skills that will increase your overall potential outside.

These private group classes will include practices borrowed from my extensive background in strength and conditioning, kettlebells, yoga and FRC. The goal, increase strength and muscular endurance upon a foundation of mobility, stability and durability.

How much of each modality we train is up to your group's goals but we will always put functional training first.

Private Group Coaching Details

  • Private groups can range anywhere from 4 to 8 people.

  • Pricing is based on the size, class time and location. Please reach out to discuss group pricing.

  • Wild Life Gym is where I coach groups; however, if you have a space you prefer, let's chat!

  • 4 week investment must be met for scheduling. We can of course book more, but no less than 4 weeks please.

  • If you find you'd prefer to train only one modality (kettlebells, yoga, conditioning) from my FlowState method, that is more than ok.

  • I understand that each individual has their own set of strengths, injuries and areas of opportunity. All classes have options for increasing and decreasing the level of challenge. This is an all-inclusive style of coaching; don't worry, it'll be plenty challenging.

  • If I've missed anything, please hit the button below and reach out with any questions.

For bookings please contact me with your information and preferred consultation date.

I'll respond within 24hrs.


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What to expect from your coach?

An all encompassing approach to wellness — functional movement, strength and conditioning, mindfulness without losing the playfulness and adventure.

I practice many modalities of training and aim to fully understand a method before I teach it to my clients.

Together we will work body and mind to increase strength and athletic capacity. I want to keep my clients living a life amongst the mountains and floating atop the water. Never stop playing! I can help. 

What does a typical training session look like?

That depends on your goals. A training session can range anywhere from strength and conditioning, injury prevention, calisthenics skills, to yoga. I have studied many different methods to keep people playing and athletes performing at their peak regardless of their level.

Certified in multiple coaching and teaching methods:

  • ACE Certified Trainer

  • 200HR Certified Yoga Teacher

  • Functional Range Conditioning Provider




1201 Commercial Way, Squamish BC.