x3 Session pkg - new clients only

What to expect from your coach?

An all encompassing approach to wellness — functional movement, strength and conditioning, adventure, and mindfulness.

I practice many modalities of training and aim to fully understand a method before I teach it to my clients.

Together we will work body and mind: to increase strength and athletic capacity, and to enable you to create moments of flow in all aspects of your life.

What does a typical training session look like?

That depends on your goals. I've focused on countless goals for myself and understand the methods to practice and ones to avoid.

A training session can range anywhere from strength and conditioning, functional movement patterns and injury prevention, body-weight training, movement with breath and mindfulness techniques, to a session spent on your road bike. 

My background:

A lifetime of high-level competitive sports: ​

  • Ironman Athlete

  • Downhill and Enduro Mountain Bike Racing

  • Criterium Road Racing


Years of movement and yoga practice:

  • a consistent intentional yoga practice

  • handstands, inversions and arm-balances 

  • certified in increasing functional range of motion

  • mindfulness and breathing techniques


                                            ACE Certified Personal Trainer





                                            200HR Certified Vinyasa Teacher




                                            Functional Range Conditioning Provider


For bookings please contact me with your information and preferred consultation date.

I'll respond within 24hrs.






My passion is creating uninterrupted moments of meditative flow. I do this in the studio or outside in the wild. Training by body weight, pushing my boundaries on my bike or board, or practicing mindfulness and meditation. 

In this state of flow, there is total stillness; I'm completely present.

That is when I feel most alive.

My mission is to share my knowledge of movement and mindfulness with those seeking growth. Whether you are a competitive athlete, a yogi, or simply want a trainer who can help you achieve your fitness and life goals, my mission is to help.

My vision is to share my passion for movement and mindfulness with you. Having spent a lifetime learning, integrating, and practicing many different training modalities, I’ve found that tapping into flow usually involves a physical practice.



1201 Commercial Way, Squamish BC.