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My passion is turning down the noise, and turning up the moments of unbroken flow. In this state of flow, there is total stillness; I'm completely present.

That is when I feel most alive. Through years of practice I've learned how to access flow through training, pushing my abilities on my bike or board, or practicing mindfulness and meditation.

My mission is to share my knowledge of movement and mindfulness with those seeking more in their lives. Whether you are a competitive athlete, a yogi, or simply want a coach who can help you achieve your fitness and lifestyle goals, my mission is to help.

My vision is to share my passion for movement and mindfulness with you. Having spent a lifetime learning, integrating, and practicing many different training modalities, I’ve found tools to help you achieve not only your movement goals, but having fun and finding flow along the way.



You're a multi-sport athlete who's hardest decision is what activity to do on a day with all-time conditions.

Your friends and colleagues are the same; that's why your friends - obviously!

By using my FlowState method, I take the "guess work" out of building a foundation for the outdoor athlete!



In person or online, I offer a handful of different public classes.

From FlowState, a method I created for the outdoor athlete, to yoga, to kettlebells, find it here!